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Unofficial Guide to Legoland Windsor


UGLW: Unofficial Guide to Legoland Windsor
Everything you need to know - and more - about your visit to Lego Land, one of the UK's top tourist attractions


Car Parking

On all but the most busy of summer days when there is an event on, you'll have no trouble parking in one of the many car parks.

Between the turn off from the public road and the car parks there is a good half mile of roadway, most of which is 3 lane. For the first part of the day this road is coned off to give 2 lanes in to Legoland and 1 out. In the afternoon they move the cones to give 2 lanes out of Legoland and 1 in. This helps traffic flow considerably and is yet another example of Legoland Windsor getting things right.

One of the Legoland car parks
One of the Legoland car parks

When arriving at Legoland Windsor in the morning, use both lanes. Often the right hand lane has fewer cars but you'll get to the car parks just the same. The only exception is if you want to use Preferred Parking (see below, we don't recommend it), in which case you'll need the left hand lane.

Car Park Charges

Controversially, car park charges were introduced in the summer of 2010. Until then, you could park at Legoland for free. The move was unpopular because no one likes paying for things that were once free, plus there is no nearby parking alternative so if you arrive by car you have no choice but to park in the car parks and pay.

The parking charge is £ 5 (was £ 2 in 2013 and £ 4 in 2014). You can pay at any of the ticket booths or at Guest Services at the entrance to the park. Tickets are scanned by machine when you exit the car park.

Parking is free for Premium Merlin Annual Pass holders but not for Standard Merlin Annual Pass or Legoland Annual Pass holders.

Parking season tickets are available to save the bother of buying a ticket each time you visit. They are priced at £ 18 and are available at Guest Services. They give you a disc for your windscreen with your car registration number. Thanks to website visitor Andrew for that information.

Preferred Parking

There is a Preferred Parking scheme for those who wish to park closer to the entrance - the cost is £ 10 per car. Annual Pass holders can park for £ 8 per visit or £ 25 per season. We really don't think it's worth the bother or the expense. Why? Well, if you are visiting Legoland you are in for lots of walking around the park itself - there's no other way to get round. Shaving 100 metres off the walk from the car to the Legoland ticket barrier simply isn't worth the money. Don't bother.

A visitor, Sam, has pointed out one advantage of Preferred Parking - you are closer to the exit when it comes time to leave. So if you leave at peak time this will shorten the time taken to exit the site. We still don't think it's worth the money but thanks for pointing this out Sam!

Car park D sign at Legoland
Car park D sign at Legoland

Cars displaying valid disabled signs can park closer to the entrance but are still charged.

There are no steps to negotiate in the car park.

Car parks are ground level only and lettered for identification A, B, C, D, etc. When it's busy gates to adjoining grass fields are opened up as overflow car parks.

Even if you're the last person to park in the furthest corner of the grass fields, you'll only have a 5 minute walk (at toddler pace) to get to the park entrance.

The toilets available before you enter Legoland
The toilets available before you enter Legoland

Dad, I need a wee!

There are toilets available before you have entered the park - so if you have had a long journey and need a bathroom break, head for the toilets just to the left of the main gates.

Motorcycle parking

We're not motorcyclists, so many thanks to visitor MP for the following information.

There is no specific motorcycle parking and the official answer from Legoland enquiries is to use a car parking space and pay the full amount. However, after a quick chat with one of the more experienced guides on-site, the recommendation was to park on an area covered with hatched white lines near the front (but NOT near disabled parking area) making sure that no one was blocked in any way. Leaving the site was just a case of riding round the barrier as usual with most car parks.

One potential gotcha is that the lockers at The Beginning are not wide enough to take a full-face helmet so these need to be left chained to the motorbike before entering. This is another reason to go early to be sure to actually get a locker for waterproofs, gloves, etc.

Parking at the Legoland Resort Hotel

There is a separate smaller car park for Legoland Resort Hotel guests. As you turn off the public road at the roundabout and enter the site, the hotel car park is on the right before you start going up the hill to the main visitor car park.



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