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Unofficial Guide to Legoland Windsor


UGLW: Unofficial Guide to Legoland Windsor
Everything you need to know - and more - about your visit to Lego Land, one of the UK's top tourist attractions




Q-Bot is Legoland's virtual queuing system. It is available using purpose build handheld pager devices or through your mobile phone.

You can purchase an electronic Q-Bot from the kiosk near the entrance to the park. You are given a pager-type device (1 per party). This enables you to select a ride so you can join a virtual queue. You still queue the same amount of time as you would normally (with Q-Bot Regular, at least), the Q-Bot device simply allows you to do other things whilst queuing. You may only queue for one ride at a time with the Q-Bot.

Legoland Windsor Q-Bot kiosk
Legoland Windsor Q-Bot kiosk

Not all attractions are linked to the Q-Bot system - but all the main rides are. You can see which ones here on Unofficial Guide to Legoland Windsor - each ride shows whether it is Q-Bot enabled at the bottom of its own page, see the rides and attractions page.

There are 3 types of Q-Bot: Regular, Express and Ultimate which give different amounts of waiting time:

Legoland Windsor Q-Bot Prices - per person
Q-Bot Q-Bot Regular Q-Bot Express Q-Bot Ultimate
Price £ 25 £ 40 £ 90
Waiting time Normal 50% less 95% less

In addition to the above a £ 50 deposit is required for the Q-Bot device itself. No deposit required if you are using your own mobile phone.

With Q-Bot Regular and Q-Bot Express you can purchase Add-Ons which allow access to the LEGO Ninjago The Ride and instant access to your first ride before 11am which are not included.

Q-Bot Express gives you quicker access to rides than the regular version.

Q-Bot Ultimate gives you the "near instant access to your favourite rides without the wait."

Legoland Windsor Q-Bot Pirate Falls ride entrance
Legoland Windsor Q-Bot Pirate Falls ride entrance - most rides have separate entrances for Q-Bot - but they are not all as obvious as this one

Clearly, if money is no object Q-Bot is hard to resist if you are at the park on a busy day. We think it's a very expensive perk though! If you can, it's better to go on a quieter off-peak day.

You can purchase Q-Bot at The Beginning or in Adventure Land near the Climbing Wall.

Q-Bot Mobile

Q-Bot Mobile is exactly the same service as described above, except on your smartphone (Apple or Android). It saves collecting and giving back the pager device. It is easy to register and pay for the service online and comes in the same 3 levels. No app to download or run, it all works on a browser.

Before Q-Bot

A bit of history for you, not essential to know!

Until 2010 Legoland Windsor operated a Priority Pass which was essentially a queue jumping aid. On top of your entrance ticket, you could purchase a Priority Pass. The Priority Pass was valid for one person for one day. It was a wrist band which was worn throughout the day. Only 30 were allocated per day.

The Priority Pass allowed holders to enter a ride through the exit lane and by-pass normal queuing. You could not continuously re-use your access and you had to wait at least 1 hour before riding each attraction again.



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